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Biographical Profile of Ann Marie Harris

Local Rose Society Membership: Reno Rose Society, Gold Country Rose Society, Sierra Foothills Rose Society

Other Society’s & Groups: Rose Hybridizers Association, Heritage Rose Foundation, National Garden Club, Sierra Garden Club, Reno Ikenobo Study Group, Northern California Chapter of Ikebana Ikenobo North America, Creative Floral Arrangers of America

Years Growing Roses: 32

How I Started with Roses: In 1983, my father-in-law passed away and I inherited the “Harris Family Rose”. According to my husband's family history, the rose was carried from England by ship, transported by covered wagon to Nevada in 1861, and has been handed from woman to woman since that time. It is a centifolia of unknown origin, and has lived in various states of attention and neglect for perhaps 140 years. I knew almost nothing about roses when I was visited with this inheritance, but luckily had been a vineyard master and trained in agriculture early in life so the poor rose had a chance. Not knowing about rose care inspired me to find a local society to learn how to care for this treasure.

In my first year with our local rose society, I ended up running the annual rose show. At the show, I learned from Dena Wagner, one of the ARS judges there, that there was something called the American Rose Society and that our society, the Reno Rose Society, was actually a chapter of ARS. She made me pay dues on the spot so the show would be legal. That show and a Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District meeting in Eureka California were all it took to complete the seduction and eventual planting of over 500 different rose varieties.

Profession: Old enough to have had multiple professions and still practicing some: Exploration Geologist,Technical and computer consultant, Mineral Landman, and most recently Paleoclimatologist

Rose Society Offices: Current Treasurer and Historian for Reno Rose Society. Previous President, Vice-President, Secretary, Newsletter Editor, Show Chair, and Webmistress for Reno Rose Society. Previous NCNH Roses in Review Coordinator. Previously Chair of NCNH Committee on District Name Change, ARS Master Rosarian. ARS Horticultural Judge. ARS Arrangement Judge. Co-chaired NCNH District Conference in Reno, Nevada.

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