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Betty Mott

Biographical Profile of
Betty Mott
Photography Judges Chair

Local Rose Society Membership: Marin Rose Society

Years Growing Roses: 37

How I Started with Roses: My first encounter with roses takes me back to West Springfield, Massachusetts where the quickest way to an ice cream cone was picking Japanese Beetles off my dadís roses. I remember knocking them off the roses into a can of turpentine, and my dad, the original organic gardener, gleefully trading pennies for the culprits. Some fifty years later while tending my 100+ roses I find myself armed with a mug of soapy water knocking off rose beetles and watching them sink to the bottom knowing they paid handsomely for the rosebuds they consumed earlier. My beautiful roses grow without sprays and chemicals, and overcome the challenges of the shade of the redwood trees, deer, hot Mill Valley days and cool foggy nights. After retiring from 33 years of teaching my mission is to teach rose gardeners how to grow beautiful prize winning roses without the use of chemicals or other environmentally unhealthy practices.

Profession: Educator. Graduated from University of Massachusetts and Dominican University. Retired from 33 years of teaching in public schools in California and Massachusetts

Rose Society Offices: Currently NCNH District Photography Judges Chair, ARS Nominations and Awards Chair 2015-2018, NCNH Secretary 2012-2015, NCNH Program and Speakers Chair 2006-2012, 2014 NCNH Bylaws Revision Committee, Placement Chair ARS National Conference 2012, San Ramon. Photography Chair and Registrar NCNH District Conference San Rafael 2014. Member of the Marin Rose Society since 1994. Horticulture Judge, Photography Judge, Consulting Rosarian, Master Rosarian, 2005 ARS Bronze Medal, In the past, Marin Rose Society CR Coordinator, 1st Vice- President, Monthly Marin Art and Garden Public Rose Garden work team coordinator, Program Speaker, Marin Rose Society Annual Rose Show Photography Chair, Writer with published articles in Marin Rose, NCNH Criterion, ARS American Rose. Attended PSWD Photography Judging School in Albuquerque, NM. Photography Judge 2014 ARS National Convention.

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