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Joan Goff

Biographical Profile of Joan Goff
Immediate Past District Director

Local Rose Society Membership: Marin Rose Society

Other Society´┐Żs & Groups: Marin Master Gardeners, Class of 2005; Member of Rose Hybridizers Association

Years Growing Roses: 23

How I Started with RosesI have enjoyed gardening all my adult life. It was where I could escape from family and mothering duties. It can become like a zen moment for me and I know it renews my soul. I have had two gardens in San Francisco, and four now in Marin County, CA. I grew up in the Sacramento valley with both parents who gardened all year long so knew from a very young age about growing plants and veggies from seeds. My mother always had an annual cutting garden and she had arrangements pretty much year around in our home. My dad handled the heavier work in the garden, but they worked together well and we always had a showstopper garden. He also began to hybridize camellias after retiring and had over 1000 camellias in pots.

In 1992, I bought a house for myself in Mill Valley and it had about 10 rose bushes. I went to a local nursery for a pruning demonstration which was given by a member of the Marin Rose Society. I began going to meetings and never looked back.

I now live in San Rafael where I moved two years ago and put in about 100 roses from my old Mill Valley garden that had survived living in pots for almost two years. In addition, I have bought more new ones and now have about 175 different varieties. I also have about twenty five seedlings of my own, having started to hybridize roses in 2009 with the help of my good rose friend, Gail Trimble. I really love to hybridize and have about ten that may be worthy of naming and perhaps registering. My youngest grandson, Alex, is naming my roses.

I am also a Master Consulting Rosarian and a Horticultural Judge. I love the people in the rose world and now have had the opportunity to meet people from many parts of the United States and even other countries. Roses bring out the best in all of us.

Profession: Retired Social Worker, Legal Assistant, Legal Assistant Manager, Antique Dealer and Garden Consultant

OtherOffices: NCNH Deputy District Director 2012-2015
Program Chair/VP 2015 Marin Rose Society
President for 6 years Marin Rose Society
Raffle Chair Marin Rose Society
Co-Chair for 2005 District Conference NCNH in San Rafael
Worked on 2014 NCNH Conference in San Rafael
Co-Chair Programs, National ARS Convention in San Ramon
Co-Editor of The Marin Rose for 5 years
Writer for The American Rose
Master Rosarian
Horticulture Judge

Comments: I enjoy roses and the people that grow them. I continue to learn and become more educated about roses and other plants every year, it is an ongoing wonderful hobby. Roses bring joy to many and I appreciate being part of this organization. I hope to be able to grow and take care of my roses and garden for many more years.

Last updated: 9/4/21
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